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All our members will have already received our latest BCS newsletter through the post. For those of you that have not yet joined our Society ( and of course you should!) Here is a PDF of our latest newsletter for you to read.  Just click on the link below.
Our Summer 2018 Newsletter

Bewdley Civic Society Autumn newsletter

Stanley Baldwin Statue Appeal

A new update will be posted here shortly.

Gladman Developments Appeal is rejected.
This property speculator’s proposal to build 195 homes on land adjacent to The Lakes Road, Bewdley will now NOT happen.  

Watch this space for a full report.



Like gardens and gardening? Click on this link for Bewdley’s
 best gardening club

Local Plan

Checkout the Plan at www.wyreforestdc.gov.uk/local and also the Civic Society’s response to the Local Plan Review in the  Autumn 2017 Newsletter. Click here for the Newsletter — Our Autumn Newsletter

Of special concern are the inclusion of certain core greenfield sites adjacent to Highclere, Stourport road and Habberley road which are identified in the District Plan despite their removal from our own Town Council’s Neighbourhood Plan following their recent public consultation.  

The latest news update on the situation will be available here shortly.    

26th September 2018 Cost £22.50 per person

We shall visit this most interesting Grade 1 Elizabethan brick manor house with a spectacular 15th century Great Hall. It is the home of William and Lady Laura Cash who will kindly give us a guided tour. See our Events Page for full details.

Balsam Bash 2018

Himalayan Balsam is a very successful invasive plant spreading particularly along river courses throughout the country. It out-competes most native plants , reducing bio diversity and, because its an annual. leaves the river bank bare in winter and prone to subsidence. Its a significant problem. A biological deterrent is being introduced but its very early days. Volunteer group efforts to pull up or cut down plants to keep it in check are really the only practical local answer at the moment.

Bewdley Civic Society has been organising a campaign for several years now and its become a successful annual event. This year it will take place between 10 a.m. & 1.00 p.m. on Saturday 28 July, Monday 30, July, Tuesday 31, July, Wednesday 1 ,August, Thursday 2 , August, and Friday 3 , August.  Meet at the benches on Severnside South down from Bewdley Bridge.

Himalayan Balsam is an innocuous plant. Its non-toxic, there are no thorns or stinging parts and, because it is  shallow rooted, even large plants come up easily. No special equipment required beyond sturdy footware and gloves although some find wielding a stick to be  therapeutic.

So if you do want to lend a hand do come along on any of the above dates even if you can only spare an hour or so. It can be quite a social event. For further information contact Steve Bent at : stevenclivebent1@aol.com.

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